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Default Re: The Gus Gorman thread

while there is a lot of crap in S3, there's alos a lot of good:

Supeman LOOKED like Superman! physically, this movie is where Reeve most filled out the suit and look perfectly.

Vaughn was good. as the review said,he was post-Crisis Luthor before the Crisis.

Lana Lang was a much better,more believable love interest for Clark/Superman. she seemed like an actual person,not someone there just to make puppy eyes at Superman,lambast Clark, or need to be rescued.

Drunken Superman is the best thing ever.

i can't tell you how much,after 2 movies of setting up Clark Kent as the stumbling,bumbling everyday disguise for Superman to move amongst us, appreciative i was that we actually got CLARK KENT in this! as a real person! not a disguise,but a guy with his own wants/needs, his own story,his own love interest,and even his own villian in Brad! Clark hadn't been a real person since Jeff East disappeared in the Firtress in the 1st film.

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