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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
Good lord, people how about he falls in love with her over time not instantly. Has it ever occurred to some of you that this relationship can develop over time on and not instantaneously?
Seriously. I fail to understand why people can't grasp a simple concept:

1) Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter start dating each other in WWII. They never consummate their relationship, but Steve promises her a dance.
2) Never gets a chance. He's too busy sacrificing himself to save the nation, and he apparently dies a hero's death over frozen waters.
3) Peggy moves on with her life, and dies peacefully of old age sometime thereafter.
4) Peggy's grand-niece, Sharon Carter, grows up enthralled by her great aunt's thrilling stories about espionage, WWII, and her doomed relationship with Captain America, the First Avenger. She goes on to become a secret agent herself with SHIELD, following in Peggy's footsteps.
5) Meanwhile, SHIELD discovers Steve's body in the arctic, thaws him, and he resumes his superhero career and leads the Avengers to victory over the Chitauri invasion.
6) Sharon Carter hears about all this, of course, and goes out of her way to arrange a meeting with Captain America.
7) They share stories about Peggy, and maybe cry on each other's shoulders about her passing; even though there's a big difference between their perceptions of how much time has passed.
8) Steve can't help but be reminded of how much Sharon looks like Peggy.
9) They team up and work together on various missions, and become fast friends.
10) Friendship develops into something deeper, and they fall in love.

What's so hard to figure out? And where does the "ick" factor come into play in that story? Really, you guys are making mountains out of molehills. General audiences won't have any problem with this at all.


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