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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I thought the Danger Room sequence in X3 was pretty good. Minimalist when it came to the Sentinel, but it's done that way for a reason. Wolverine coming out from behind the Sentinel's head is a little iffy, but the rest of it is fun, with enough of an atmosphere of danger to be satisfying. It'd be kind of cool if, instead of opening on a Days of Future Past type sequence in the Danger Room and then revealing it to be fake, they opened on one for X4, and revealed it to be real, not the Danger Room.
There was some fun stuff in there for sure. My disappointment at the time came from wanting to see Sentinels for three movies only to see a half version of one in the X3 opening. Always thought opening an X Film in the Danger Room was a solid idea.

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