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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
This is the worst comparison I've ever read. Nightwing being someone else then Dick Grayson is as bad as Superman killing someone? Yeah, just what I said about fans earlier. In this continuity Stephanie may be much more important to Bruce. For all we know Dick Grayson might not even exist here. Look at this idea without any bias, stop comparing it to the main continuity and who was important and who was not. We don't know how Batman's life was like in here or what sidekicks he had or not. That's why we should wait to read it first.
Okay though, Superman is sort of a bad example given he has established character in this world, but if it's a new continuity, why can't Batman be the sidekick, to, let's say the Flash or Aquaman, I mean why not? New continuity.

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