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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
I hear you. I bought four of the five packs my Walmart had, and cannot find them anywhere else. The limited availability has made them go for obscene prices on eBay. That, and I have yet to find a sketchcard. The costume and printing plates surprisingly go for decent prices, depending on the day. However, Black Widow is always the most expensive card. I do not know why, but auctions for her go anywhere from 45-75.

I am currently bidding on one of the cards of her as Natalie from theIron Man 2 character memorabilia line. 4 hours left, and I am still winning the auction. Here's to hoping *crosses fingers* At this point, I cannot afford to be a purist. It is I refuse to pay premium for a single character card.

Also, I finalky finished the Art of... Book for the film. Loved it; when I acquire additional capital in the future, I plan on purchasing the other books in the line. After paying off for the six volumes of AVX.
Well I read somewhere that Target was SUPPOSED to have a certain set of upper deck with all kinds of differtent cards, and I have yet to see ANY there. Walmart only gets the 30 pack, and cheaper by FAR than 2 bucks a 15 pack that Target had for Thor cards.

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