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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Also to say Steph works as Nightwing because people only know Dick as Robin and don't know who Nightwing is plain dumb. Who is Nightwing on Young Justice (the most popular show of the DCU block)? Dick. Who was Nightwing on The Batman, Batman: TAS? Dick. Who was Nightwing in Teen Titans Go!? Dick. Who is NIghtwing in the comics (the place Smallville Season 11 is now marketing to)? Dick. Dick is iconic to take him out is one thing but to give everything he worked for to someone who never even earned it is another. Do you even know the history of Nightwing and how he got his name and who he even came to before taking that name? This is why Steph should not be called Nightwing. It was like a right of passage between him and two people he saw as father figures (Batman and Superman). All Steph is really remembered for is stealing the Robin suit and Batman taking it away from her. Then almost getting herself killed and then becoming Batgirl where if you blinked you would have missed it. This is why it is a wrong move I get BQM has a special place in his heart for her but that shouldn't cloud your judgement.

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