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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't think we could have expected any more of a Sentinel, given that we had the cure plot and the Phoenix plot already fighting for space in the film.

The problem with the scene was the execution. The way Colossus encased Rogue in his steel form without having his lifeforce drained. And the way Wolverine awkwardly appeared behind the Sentinel head, with no evidence of his having fallen to the ground with the head.
I expected them but also I didnt really know all that much about X3 before it came out. I remember hearing they were supposed to be in X1 and 2 so I figured they would have made it in 3. When I heard there was one in a Danger room sequence I figured they would at least show it whole. The lack of Sentinels and Danger room always bothered me in the original X trilogy. Especially when I was younger. I know it was because of budget reasons, but still those things are kinda X men 101 for me.

Not even saying that scene was perfect in any way. Its disappointing in a ton of aspects. I thought it was mindless fun and was just kinda stoked they finally showed the Danger Room and the X men training together. I was shocked it took that long to get shown.

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