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Default Re: War Machine Spinoff

I think most of y'all are trippin. Rhodey was also a Secret Avengers and teacher/leader of Avengers Academy. He's an Avenger, guys. I'd love to see a War Machine movie, wall to wall action, military espionage type stuff, it could be pretty frikkin awesome. You could also adapt the Eidolon Warwear storyline where he is chosen for some alien armor, playing up the fact that he is a warrior and pilot under that armor, and not an inventor.

But, because he is a lot like Iron Man, I don't think his movie should be released the same year as Iron Man's, I also agree he should have a small part in Avengers, like Hawkeye-sized or smaller, perhaps he has some conversations with Tony or Fury earlier, and then he shows up to help with the climactic battle.

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