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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
See how you try to make it seem like a coincidence, then try to make it seem like it would naturally happen? You may also notice you skipped over the emotional subtext that I kept going on about trying to focus on some irrelevant consummation. The issue is not that they were together, but that Steve still loves her, so getting a substitute her is utter douchebaggery.
So the essential 90-year old virgin (as posters here like to joke) is *supposed* to remain celibate and virginal....for his long-dead soulmate....?

Dude, please. Steve's heart is gonna be broken realizing that Peggy is dead and he never got that chance to dance with her; but he's also a realistic human being. He realizes the woman is dead & gone now, and he's going to *have* to move on.

So who should we hook him up with, then....? Some chick in a bar, or on Or maybe instead: a beautiful woman who works with him on a daily basis; a beautiful woman who's the spitting image of Peggy Carter; a beautiful woman who, in fact, is a descendant of Peggy Carter; a beautiful woman who already idolizes Captain America and everything he stands for.....?

Hm. Decisions, decisions


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