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Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Wrong. Feige clearly has some final, creative say in all of this. He says Peggy is alive. Doesn't matter what you guys think. None of you are the writers or producers.

Feige said she's alive and so she is alive. That's that. Until they say otherwise, she's alive. You saying she's dead on SHH forums doesn't means she's dead. The producer of the movie and architect of the MCU says she isn't dead.

In fact, she JUST actually died in the 616 as I recall so she'd been alive in the comics as well all this time.

*Where* does Kevin Feige say Peggy is still alive?
Please quote this. Or Joe Johnston, for that matter.
I'll buy you a cookie if you can produce a quote that backs you up.

Here's the deal:
JOSS WHEDON is the one who *hinted* she might still be alive, because he told the NYT that he had a scene in the Avengers script that would have featured Steve meeting an old, old Peggy who was still alive, but he scrapped it without shooting it because he realized it didn't work at all.

Again, if you can find *any* evidence that Feige says Peggy Carter is still alive, and will return in CA2, this cookie can be yours....all yours


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