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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Webhead2006 View Post
And still we don't know anything of sv world's batman. Plus nothing on stephaine. Like others have said maybe this batman has had other sidekicks, and they are off doing solo thing. Or maybe like sv did with many characters merged aspects/traits of different characters into one new thing. That is why we need to see whole story before we ***** out totally.

And for me sure sv made some silly story/character deals over the yrs. But I still think most character par a few namely pete/lana ended up pretty good characters.

As for rep I really haven't heard anything totally negative on sv book. And across many forums I go too have heard good things same with going to my local comic shops. And sure the print issues may be low on sales charts. But dc is really pushing the whole digital deal. So they probably care a slight bit more on digital sales. And also we have to remember they are getting. 3 digital chapters/full book, and the full physical book profits. So overall they still making money.
No I am not talking about the rep of the book. I am talking about the shows rep that's what I am talking about. The show has had a reputation on putting off comic fans for years now and not only that Superman fans and now that's where it is being marketed to for it's lifeline and to come in at 96th for an debut issue isn't good for the show it was. As I have said before I enjoyed the show and enjoy the comic but if it wants to be as successful as Buffy use to be then it needs to realize it can't follow the usual Smallville format and has to try and reach out to comic fans as well. That's all I am saying because when the show ran and they started adding more heroes and all you hear people say getting the SV treatment for characters in the comics and show (and that wasn't meant as a good thing). You don't want to start off with your first major hero getting talked about the same way to where people who thought things would be different in the comics see nothing has changed.

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