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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Radioactive1980 View Post
It's so lame and contrived tho, not to mention creepy and weird.
And what would be the point?
She would always play second fiddle to Peggy in Steve's mind.

Look, Hayley Atwell was AWESOME but Cap & Peggy were two ships that passed in the night and now she's dead. Time to get over it fanboys. CAII needs an all new love interest, a fresh start and all that. Not a woman that will constantly remind him of a lost love, sheesh!
Agreed! I see the Marvel Cinematic Universe as just another iteration too these characters. In the comics we have the Normal continuity, Ultimates, Earth-X etc...

So i don't see why they can't change certain things for the films. Sharon and Caps relationship, might of been accepted by the larger comic book audience, but will it be accepted by General Audiences??

At the end of the day, people will always see Peggy as Cap's first love. Peggy doesn't even get married after Cap, or get children, was She waiting for Cap all these years?? If she is alive she would want cap to move on, but i doubt she would be happy if he is with her niece...

If they do decide to go with Sharon they should make her totally DIFFERENT to Peggy, Cap shouldn't be reminded about Peggy when he looks, speaks or is on a mission with Sharon... There dynamic should be totally different...and Not just have Sharon come through as a modern day Peggy.

But Family dating another family members ex... is just a NO NO!! Maybe its a culture thing, but that wouldn't fly down well here in South Africa

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