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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Just saw this on CBM. I just had to share it.

this has to be the worst decision ever made,he has already scored all 3 of Nolan's batmans films and for him to do this,his style is utter most recognizable compared to his other works now and I feel Zimmer despite him being one of the greats once in the music industry should retire.
We should learn from Tron Legacy and bring music artists to compose music scores,let's say if we get skrillex to score the man of steel,I wouldn't mind at all change of the pace a little.
After telling him he was an idiot, he replies.

anyone can be a Zimmer just grab a whole bunch of music scores from some old movies and mash them together an add some effects there you go.Isnt that what all composers do these days with the lack of creativity running around the industry
AND THEN, after giving him the ultimate insult (, he replies.

it should have been skrillex,I would love to see a crazy dubstep track in a superman film none of this dumb instrumental classic crap dubstep it up.Zimmer needs to retire or get in with the new direction of music of this generation which is better than the past

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