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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
I'm hoping for a throw down in Metropolis as well. I enjoyed Thor but having another small town fight being the climax or the "major" battle in the movie would be such a giant let down.

Hope that's not the case with MOS.
Agreed; I honestly don’t think that’ll be the case here since:

  • I think it was said somewhere that they were intentionally holding back on the scale of the Earth battles due to “The Avengers”.

  • Given on how “the lack of action” in SR was one of its biggest complaints, I don’t think anyone with a sane brain that’s involved with MOS would want to repeat that

And I can understand why some would feel hesitant about not wanting to use Zimmer for this project, but I can’t help but be excited for what he may bring to the table if pushed in the right direction especially. The chants that he made for Bane in TDKR are one of my favorite pieces to hear; one could only imaging as to what he may do for Zod’s theme, let alone the fighting sequences.

And his work again on “The Last Samurai” and “Pearl Harbor” were some of my favorite set pieces So at least we know that he’s capable of making some quiet/intimate moving pieces as well.

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