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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
You mean a whole 3 people on this board?


Dear god, *please* do not mistake the misguided notions of a literal HANDFUL of SHH posters and their rather strange, inaccurate and frankly immature perceptions of what constitutes incest (or anything else "icky") as somehow being representative of how the rest of the audience would view a healthy relationship between Steve & Sharon.

a) Steve & Peggy never consummated their relationship. For those of you too young to understand what that means: they never had sex. They never did the deed. They never got married. They never even danced together. So Point A officially rules out any chance whatsoever of a Steve-Sharon relationship being legally or morally viewed as incestuous.

b) There is no indication *whatsoever* that Peggy remained celibate and waited in vain for her beloved Steve to return. As far as she and the rest of the world knew, he was deader than four o'clock, and had died in a plane crash over the North Atlantic. Yeah, there's a slim chance that she might have become an old spinster, but even in the 1940s, very very *very* few women chose that path. The most likely scenario is that she went on with her life, got married, had kids, and died sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, if she fulfilled the average life expectancy of an ordinary human being.

c) Sharon Carter is going to meet Steve Rogers. That's a given, assuming she exists in the MCU at all. Because Sharon, as a top SHIELD agent who grew up on stories of her great aunt's exploits as a spy and her fabled romance with The First Avenger, is going to make damn sure she gets a chance to meet the man who can finally tell the other side of Auntie Peggy's stories.

d) There is every reason to believe that Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers will fall in love naturally, as a result of being co-workers who spend a lot of time together and who share a lot of personality traits and the same interests and worldviews. And are biologically close to the same age, and who are both gorgeous.

There's no "ick" factor involved here. People are grasping at straws, just to justify their own hopes for Cap to shrug off his comic-book storyline and date somebody besides Sharon Carter. Agent 13 haters gonna hate.


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