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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by xmangambit View Post

Look I don't mind Zimmer he did one of my favourite film Scores ever "Broken Arrow"

I think stuff like this for Fortress of Solitude:

1:41 -

That's fine

But please can they keep the main bit of John Williams score? Maybe put a Hanz Zimmer twist on it that would be cool!

But dont create a new one completely from scratch because UNLESS it sounds powerful and Magically Superheroic forget it!

This si Superman, he should own ever other Superhero film on screen!
NO PLease NO

we need to get away from williams theme as far as possible we dont need some williams remix theme

returns did that

look how elfman's batman theme would feel out of place in begins or TDK due to the tone and era

same here williams theme remixed or not will feel out of place in snyder's more gritty modern take

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