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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Rockbottom View Post
I guess the Green Lantern score really did hurt him in WBs eyes.
I don't think it was necessarily GL that killed JNH's further involvement in WB's future films... but Nolan was adamant on using Zimmer for BB onwards. Zimmer and JNH entertained the notion of working together on a film (they were originally going to work on Secret Window before that fell through), and Zimmer asked JNH if he'd work on BB and TDK with him. Nolan okayed it, and they did two Batman films together.

JNH wasn't exactly the go-to guy Nolan suggested for MOS, it was Zimmer only. Not surprising since Zimmer wrote 75%-80% of the material and JNH the remaining bits in BB and TDK. Of course, Zimmer could ask JNH to join him on MOS, and I don't think Snyder would turn him down...

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