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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post

So after he concluded his lackluster scores for the Nolan batman trilogy he'll begin writing new lackluster scores for the MOS franchise. Oh goodie. So Hans is also a liar. He said a while back that he wouldn't score Superman "it'd be like trying top Beethoven's 9th" or something like that he said. So he must think he can top Williams' theme? Good luck on that.
I don't think he was lying at the time (however, people involved with the film industry lie all the time) -- he was busy working on TDKR and Madagascar 3 at the time. And what you were referring to is that he wouldn't re-arrange or use John Williams' themes.

Zimmer getting involved is purely Nolan's doing. And even then he probably wasn't even swayed into doing MOS until he saw footage and decided he wanted to do this. It's not like the studio had a film option on him like they do with the actors. It's not just Nolan calling a favor on a friend and Zimmer changed his tune, he had to have seen some footage and liked what he saw.

You're overreacting to this. And he's better than the alternative: Tyler Bates.

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