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Got my tickets as soon as the theatre showed up on fandango. Got midnight Imax tickets for my friends and I. I would love to see the marathon in Imax but unfortunately the only Imax showing it is a fake Imax. So i'd rather just get TDKR in real Imax like I saw TDK in.

However, just picked up a couple days ago, marathon tickets in standard. So we're gonna watch BB and TDK in standard, then go to the Imax theatre for the midnight showing of TDKR. Best of both worlds. Didn't wanna miss 1 last chance to see BB and TDK on the big screen. The price of the marathon is $25, and the IMAX midnight for TDKR is $15, so it's the same price as it would have been if the IMAX had the marathon showing($40).

Prob. gonna have to leave TDK early to get decent seats, but it's all worth the experience.

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