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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by KalKai View Post
Dangerman, here's some news for you:

You don't represent the comic world, and neither do some comic book nerds on an internet message board. That's the reality.
And here is all that matters to DC KalKai

Top 100 Comic Book Sales

Go a head and take a look. Books that they have put more effort into and are better received for example JLI, Batwing and All-Star Western, Green Arrow (which is not that far down from SV) have been rumored to be and some already have been canceled. Look at Buffy that is Dark Horse top selling comic. All because you're getting a second print doesn't mean anything JLI has been selling well getting second and third prints and that book is already canceled. And I know I don't represent them but if you listen to most people across the internet the buzz about SV hasn't been good for a while now even during it's final season all people cared about is would he put on the suit and look at how that got blasted for how it was done. I have stated before I am a fan of the show and the book but in the same the book needs to bridge the gap that has left a sour taste in comic fans mouths. You need money for it to continue or for it to be profitable. Once again this DC Comics where they have canceled comics that have been better received than this and sold better including other Superman titles which includes the Smallville comics that came out when the show was popular among both the general audience and comic fan due to low/poor sales (which did get second prints as well as trades). So what makes you think this is anymore special? Because he is in the suit now and being called Superman? This is not TV anymore. They do have to rely on the comic fans as well as the SV fans for this to continue. And I am not trying to be mean or rude I am just speaking reality.

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