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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Webhead2006 View Post
Just cause it may not be the top seller for a dc book doesn't mean its not doing well enough forr the dc execs. Plus like I pointed out there is the whole digital chapters/full book, and print/digital full figures they are getting money from. Print books sales isn't the be all end all any more.
Actually yes it does and yes that still is the case for comics. Sorry to break it to you but digital isn't that big yet. It may be one day but for right now as far as comics goes it still is mainly a print media unlike the newspaper. So if it isn't doing well print wise it does speak volumes. Now why is that? Because like movies and CD's you can download it for free if you want to so digital you really don't make to much money on. That's why they are losing money on it if you can go anywhere and download the weekly issue and then to not have the print issues sell well at the same time. Think of it like Superman Returns. Superman Returns for a mostly non action movie brought in over 200 million dom the total box office was over $400 million, DVD's and Blu-Rays sold well and was well like and praised by critics, had a Superman that most of the fans loved and even respect to this day but here is the catcher much like SV it held a mix reaction on fans and they were vocal about. Now WB/DC still were about to go ahead and even went into casting and scouting locations however things change and they felt it didn't do well enough for them. Now if you didn't want to use Superman Returns for that example you could always look at Spider-Man 3 and X3 that were box offices gold but had fans in an outrage as well. Hell if you want to break away from movies look at All-Star Batman and Robin: the boy wonder and see how well that book sold but look at how it turned fans off. Now lets look at this comic it is 96th in it's place (which I hope it did better this month) but once again 96th in its place and it cost money either way to produce this and you have to market to a new fan base now that already has mixed feelings about the show. Tell me what makes SV the comic (series 2 because the first one was canceled as well) any different then say Superman Returns, SM3, X3, Aquaman (who did sell well the other issue with other Aquaman), JLI (which was selling good for a while and still was till it was canceled), Superman: Man of Steel, old Superboy series (before his death in IC) and countless other series that were ranked higher than this long into their run and had higher ranking debut issues? Once again I am not trying to be mean I want this comic to do well but it needs to try and bring in new readers. Not every one who watched SV is going to buy this be it digital or print hell I will bet you only about 15 to 20% of the people who watch the show may buy this at most. I am just saying change the perception on of what comic readers see you as and you'll do better because thats where it's life line draws now. Why do you think the DCAU films are based off of popular comics and are successful with them. I truly believe and hope that this opening arc of SV becomes one of them with the cast coming back to do the voicing but it won't if it doesn't make some try at doing this.

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