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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

I would not be surpirsed If It goes like this

The post Singer films future with sentinles accures

Wolverine busts the surviving X-Men from Internment camp.1 character Is sent back In past and seeks help from first Class era X-Men.Mutants are exposed to world but the X-men stop the attack.Character returns to future but In twist ending Magneto still assinates JFK the way It was In history.

As for who travels back I think we are looking at these options

1:Wolverine physical travels to past
2:Xavier Is able to swap Wolverine's mind with younger version
3:Kitty or Rogue physical travels to past
4:Xavier swaps his mind with younger self

Wolverine's role would depend on Is Hugh Jackman willing to jump Into major role In another X-Men film after finishing The wolverine.

For Fox wanting an event film and for PR the hype earlier films cast and first Class cast In same film would bring.Remember all the attention having William Shatner In Star Trek generations and Interacting with Patrick Stewert brought.Having Jackman Interacting with james Mcavoy and Nicholas Holt and facing off with Michael fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence would have lot of attention.Add to that having stewert,Ian Mckellan,and Halle Berry In future scenes.

Vaughn and Singer have all the ingredions for a true blockbuster here.

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