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Default GI Joe Retaliation toys in stores

Didn't see a thread on this yet, but it looks like even though the movie got pushed back to March 2013, the toys still came out as scheduled. Saw them in Target today.

Store I was in had several Roadblock figures, some Storm Shadows, a Duke, and a Cobra Commander. There were also a couple of vehicles (a ninja dune buggy for Snake Eyes, and a motorcycle for Firefly), and an action figure Triple Pack (Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and a red ninja.) All in the standard 3 3/4 inch scale.

Then there were two 12 inch figures, one of Snake Eyes and one of Roadblock. Both plastic, poseable, with buttons in the belt buckles that let them talk/make noise. Snake Eyes made swinging sword sounds, and Roadblock does the 'Yo Joe' and 'Time to take out the Cobra trash!'

There were also Snake Eyes masks for kids, and a rubber Snake Eyes katana (called a Justice Sword).

The one thing I saw that made me laugh/blink? The art on the vehicle and triple pack boxes show Roadblock and Snake Eyes charging into battle...Roadblock has the Arashikage tattoo on his left bicep. He doesn't on the actual figures. Guess the artist figured if Snake Eyes had it, maybe all the Joes had it.

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