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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

I was pretty critical of the movie when I posted my thoughts about it after watching the movie. My initial reaction was that it sucked really bad, however after watching the dvd I didnt think it was near as bad as I thought. There was some stuff to the story I missed in the theatre that became more clear when watching the dvd and although it felt like GR was barely in the movie in the theatre, when I timed it out on second viewing, he actually was in it a decent amount.
Could be kinda like when you hear a song and think it sucks but when you listen a few more times you end up liking it.
I think that the animated/comic cut scenes gave it a cheap B-movie feel and that the penance stare not being a visual effect we could see were two big mistakes that if fixed would have made the movie better recieved by general public and fan alike.
I still think the first movie was far better but this movie wasnt as bad as I thought at first.

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