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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr.T View Post
My 6" TFA Cap seems a little smaller than The Avengers Cap. I also think the new Cap costume looks much better on the 6" figure than the old TFA Cap costume. The Thor figures are identical. Only differences are the Avengers Thor has no helmet and it has holes in his feet for placement on the new stands included in this 6" line.

I thought Thor's costume in The Avengers was different than in the Thor Movie?? I must not have paid close enough attention...
It IS different in Avengers. the 3 major differences are the armor design, the Belt and the tighter blueish pants with a red stripe.
In the Thor movie he had no red stripe and they were normal pants with some leg strap on his right leg
Mjolnir in Avengers also has a sliver end cap on the Handle where in Thor there wasn't

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