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Default Re: Appropriate live-action actors for new comic book characters

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Pretty much what the title says. Which actors would be good for the new comic book characters?

Hank Henshaw-Matthew Fox(other people around here say there's a resemblance)

Batman/Bruce Wayne-T.J. Hoban(if he can take on Kevin Conroy-ish grittiness, he looks about the right age and physical fitness too)

Nightwing/Stephanie Brown-Lyndsy Fonseca(she kicks butt in Nikita and can probably do gritty and because she's in a CW show it makes it a little realistic that she could've been on Smallville, like TJ she's about the right age and physical fitness, plus she's good looking and Smallville is notorious for its good looking ladies :P)
Well Bryan Q Miller basically confirm that Matthew Fox was the basis for Hank Henshaw on his twitter so maybe this could be the thing:when we see the faces in the panels ask BQM or the artists(if they have a twitter) what was the inspiration for the characters was. Might be fun.

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