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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wonder when we should expect to see Wonder Woman then since her existence in the SV world was confirmed by Chloe in Season 10.

Heck, it'd be nice to see SV's version of the JLA, after both Batman and Wonder Woman become honorary members of the group as well, have their own portrait created like how the JLA had one for their group back in their prime.

Also, I wonder if BQM will actually attempt to portray Superman's and Batman's eventual friendship to be as legendary as other versions have shown it.

In any case, I'm glad that before the show had ended, that we had them establish Clark as being the big "it" factor for the superhero community of his world and how he'll be the one leading the way for everyone in the future. I say this because when it comes to a lot of portrayals of the JLA in the DCAU area, Superman has always been treated as somewhat of a lesser being than Batman at times.
I can imagine that:when the guy is trying to take the picture Oliver and Bruce is arguing about who copied who's superhero identity, Impulse is eating a burrito, AC and Victor are making jokes, John Jones is enjoying a cookie, Zatanna and Black Canary(with maybe Wonder Woman, Lois and/or Chloe) are talking and laughing and Superman is trying to get everyone to settle for a picture.

As for how BQM will potray Batman:When I heard that Batman was hunting for his parents killer I was reminded og of Bruce hunting for his parent's killer in Batman #47 which was a detailed Batman origin( and the darker adaption in the Batman:Brave and the Bold episode "Chill of the Night"(!) which tells of Batman finding his parent's killer so it might be similar to how BQM does it only with Superman and Stephanie Brown. Well seeing how Superman was potraying in the new 52 Justice League#2, The Batman/Superman story in The Batman season 5 premiere, Batman:Brave and the Bold Superman episode and the 3 part World's Finest episode I Have some hope but a little scared about it.

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