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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wonder when we should expect to see Wonder Woman then since her existence in the SV world was confirmed by Chloe in Season 10.
Not quite: it was confirmed with Season 3's Asylum, there was a newspaper with the headline "Themyscirian Queen Address The Vatican".

Speaking of which; maybe not the characters themselves, but even places where these characters live have been mentioned on the show, which is enough for even me to say those characters, maybe even those characters' supporting cast, exist in the universe: Bludhaven in Season 1 (makes sense now, with Nightwing appeaing next regardless of Steph being behind the mask), even Gotham was first mentioned in Season 6, with others such as Coast City first mentioned in the episode Redux from Season 2, and Keystone in Season 8. So if those cities exist in the Smallville universe, where of course they were expanding and showcasing the DCU with it, characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more should show up in this comic.

Oh BTW, I want to update my thoughts on Batman's costume in Smallville, Season 11: I'm actually liking it now more and more. Again, like Superman's suit for the rest of us. I'm seeing it as what they wanted to do with it, which in turn is actually like how the developers turns things for the Arkham video games: the combo treatment. The suit is gray in the comics, black in the movies: in Smallville, they made it gray over black. It also reminds me of the Injustice suit, too.

As for Batman himself; Superman/experienced and Batman/rookie is a change that is very different from what's considered the norm, but as it's should given what series this is. Same goes for Steph as Nightwing. But, I want to see how Bruce's backstory in the SV universe plays out, because Chloe mentioned a "a billionaire with gadgets" and Miller revealed both the war on crime longer than Clark was the Blur (again, bad name) and Batman as the rookie, makes me think in SV: Bruce, not Batman, had his war on crime but from the shadows, with (maybe only a little) vigilante business. It was only with the costumed superheroes being common, and of course Superman, that Bruce followed suit as Batman, making him the new guy. That's my theory, but either way I want to see how they handle the character in the comic.

Hey, guys: what-if SV's Batman was actually older than Clark, like DKR old, and was a secret admirer of the JSA back in the day? That would've been different, huh?

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