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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Batman Begins is definitely my favorite origin film and my second favorite CBM. I was just mentioning how I started to watch the movie, and I had to stop about a hour into it and I was thinking to myself that the only scene that I can nitpick about BB for the first 60 minutes is that dock fight as there are just so many things that takes me away from that. If I can name only one nitpick into a hour of a film, then that's actually a good thing, imo.

I get the criticism BB does have, such as the choice of Rachel Dawes being played by Holmes or underdeveloped characters(which isn't really at anyone's fault as this was purely a movie about Bruce Wayne/Batman first, others second and we have never been given a Batman film like that), but it's still a glorious film and a great movie to start a trilogy.

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