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Default Re: IM3 a "continuation" of the previous movies good idea or horrible?

Originally Posted by Timstuff View Post
I'm just worries that everything that was wrong with Iron Man 2 is going to be amplified now that Favraeu's out of the way. Favraeu didn't like having these character inclusions imposed on him, and the audience did not like the results of him having to make the movie revolve around promoting the Avengers. Instead of Marvel listening and saying "OK, next time we'll back off. As long as Iron Man 3 does not conflict with our plans for the Avengers movie, you can do whatever you want with it," they went "No, you need to put in even MORE Avengers stuff, because this movie is going to be the bridge between Avengers and Avengers 2! Obviously the reason people didn't like Iron Man 2 as much as the first one is because it needed MORE stuff in it that is not relevant to Iron Man's character!"

How much longer will it be before Marvel ends up using ridiculous characters in these movies that can't even exist without slamming multiple franchises together, like Iron Patriot?

Let's see... He's a Spider-Man villain who stole Tony Stark's armor and decided to paint it like Captain America's costume. He can't even exist unless you make references to three different Marvel franchises. His origin is so convoluted that I could just see Marvel frothing at the mouth at the possibility of using him in their films, because that means you have to watch films from two other franchises just for his existence to make sense. The only thing preventing it is that Marvel does not have direct control over Spider-Man, which I'm sure they regret immensely (at this point though, I'm kind of indifferent since I'm pretty sure that once Raimi left, the franchise was going to get a screwed up reboot whether by Marvel or Sony).
It's so interesting reading some of this old stuff after the fact. I trust that Marvel will be focusing their solo sequels on individual heroes, given all the assurances Kevin Feige has given. I will be interested to see them strike a good balance between solo narrative vs. overarching Avengers-related narrative.

As for the Iron Patriot prophecy, nice job Timstuff!

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