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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
Where does your blind faith come from? While it could be argued I have none at all since the only thing we have to judge in this new regime of Marvel Animation is that crap that precedes EMH, I think you have have entirely too much. lol.

It's all good though, just an observation.
he really IS the most optimistic bugger I've ever seen here...

and that IS a good thing...


Always offensive and ON the offensive, and always defiant, as well...
so just get over it, tough guy... there's not a damn thing you can do about it...
and doesn't it just piss you off?... so how ya like me now?

If you managed to have even ONE thought processed thru that one brain cell that you possess...
the effort would probably overload your brain, make you cut a sewer fart and blow your tiny mind apart.

Living up to your expectations of me... and they're all bad.

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