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Default Re: JPBFX Designs Bane Masks and Batman Cowls

Originally Posted by Darkseid1 View Post
This is a different paint scheme I havent seen. I like the color of blue you used on it and it looks as if you did a decent job of paint application.

I'm going to have to go with my earlier comment that what Im seeing as poor paint applications, which some of them clearly have been, is a result of the mask itself. Looks rough, not smooth, which is making the paint apps look very poor. Im assuming this is the mask that most everyone has been using as Im seeing the same flaws in all but a couple.
Actually the mask you have been seeing mainly around the web is the Gotham City FX and to be completely honest from 4 feet away in person the flaws are not even noticeable. You have to remember all these shots are taken up close and personal and flaws tend to appear that close.

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