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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Batman Begins bores me. Too much talk about fear. Bland and under used villains. It wasn't a great movie. It wasn't even that good a movie. It gets props for being lumped in with TDK and because the previous Batman film had been so terrible that anything would've looked classic next to it.

The writing was terrible. The story structure was lacking. By removing Bruce's decade long, worldwide pursuit of knowledge and placing him in a Himalayan Ninja school where he magically excells to the head of the class, so he can lead an attack on Gotham Nolan removed the obsession that makes it believable that the character will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. Ra's identity switch was totally from left field and made no sense at all. Scarecrow was a joke. Defeated by Rachel and her taser. He hardly wore the Scarecrow mask either. He was mostly Cillian Murphy in a suit. The characters made way too many speeches to each other instead of relating. Bruce's father was constantly lecturing him rather than speaking to him with love. Even as he was dying, which was stupid and laughable. The action scenes were blurry and boring. The Bat costume looks awful. Batman looked fat and stuffed into it. The Batmobile is ridiculous. It was jumping onto rooftops. No different different from Kilmer's wall climbing batmobile. The microwave emitter plan was dumb and a cliche. I think this movie is greatly overrated, and wasn't even that big a hit when released.
Why does this comment seem so familiar? Like I've read this exact comment somewhere else before but only it coming from a different user?

Oh yeah here. Almost word for word. Two different users saying the exact same thing. Hmmmm. Anyways I agree with you or both of you. The thread title should be changed to "Batman Begins is the most overrated Batman movie to me" instead.

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