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Default Re: Off-beat villain choice: Taskmaster!

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I luh-huvs me some Tasky.
But if you pit him against "just" Cap, then all he does is mirror the super-soldier moves and shield throw. Taskmaster looks a lot more impressive when he goes up against the entire Avengers (or Heroes for Hire, or any other group), because then he gets to combine *multiple* skill sets.
I agree, I'm sure watching two super-soldiers would probably have it's moments but I think it risks 'boring' way to much. Utilizing multiple skill sets would be awesome.

I'm not totally up on my TM knowledge.. In general, he can only acquire the physical skills correct?

Also, I think the ninja look, but with the more organic skull face(like the face of the picture with the sword and the hood and shield) would look fantastic

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