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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

I really loved Black Widow, she was my favourite character in the film... but I could see them killing her off.

Firstly, it'd be great emotionally and dramatically to see how it would effect Hawkeye (and give him a bit more of an involvement in the plot). I mean, we saw how much BW fought for him, i'd say he'd take it pretty hard and go on a vegeance trip.

We all know Joss is not afraid to kill off characters that people adore, especially one's that are emotionally linked in any way with another character. The more important a person is to another character, the bigger the effect on the audience. So she's certainly not safe.

And it'd be an interesting dynamic in the group if another female character was introduced and had to deal with fighting to be accepted, because all they saw was an attempted replacement for BW.

Plus, she has that whole 'making up for her past wrongs' angle. If she died in some final moment of sacrifice, they could play that angle out that she might finally have made up for all that blood on her hands and truly become a selfless heroine.

'Why do I find all of this so horrible to explore?
Sure, they are interesting questions that I don't mind seeing in an elseworlds GN. But as a theme for the film that is kicking off the tone of the whole JL, and in a film that is presenting Superman to the general audience in a way that current generations will remember him?
I just don't like it. It's dark, it's depressing and it's not how I like the tone of Superman films to be.'

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