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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

I really wanted to like this movie. Just watched it the other day and my review. Sucked...just as much as the first one. I would put it on par with a film like Elektra. Where do I begin?

1. Pretty much all of the big awesome payoff scenes are spoiled in the trailers. So yeah if you have seen all of the previews for this you have seen 90% of the awesome moments. Had a lot of things not been spoiled ahead of time I might have enjoyed it more. Tip for the Hollywood folks in charge of the marketing.

2. Visually I actually thought the movies was pretty well done. Neveldine and Taylor were still good directors to bring on board for the visual flair...I stick by that statement. BUT...the script and cheesy acting just ruined the movie. Ghost Rider isn't a character that has to be taken dead seriously or even be rated R but when your characters are written like B movie trash and lines are delivered hammy and goofy see what you get. There are plenty examples of that in comic book movie history.

3. Watching this movie I was thinking nothing is time for a reboot. I love Nic Cage when he is at the top of his game but he has just not mixed well with this franchise despite his passion for the character. Time to ditch this and start fresh in a few years with BETTER script writers. That is the key...the one main issue with these Ghost Rider movies is just the god awful scripts.

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