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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Black Soul
Real Name: Malvolio Ambrogio
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Race: Italian
Power: Can manipulate time and space and use it to his advantage, he uses powers to change past events, present or future events. He uses it to see which course of action is best, by viewing future effects. This power also includes is teleportation, and could instantly go from infront of you to behind you, he does this by using his right hand to scratch open a portal, which can go through many dimensions. Unfortunately these portals can be re-opened and shot through but that’s about as much as could be done once he enters the portal as it’s a votex with no ground, and intense heat. His dark red skin is rock hard, bone-like and extremely thick, making it in penetrable by almost anything. Meaning he can’t feel the heat and swiftly flies through. The tunnel like outa realm has shards of glass-like stones which would cut regular humans skin to bits. His second power is that to absorb souls with a touch, using his left hand he could absorb a soul which gets sucked through his body into his staff which can then be shot as a black aura which drains life on contact and leaves a burning hole were ever it touched. Once he absorbs a soul, the body becomes a shell, or vessel which he can in turn control or put in a different soul culture altogether. E.g. one that he grabbed from an outer realm. He can also banish people to the outer realms, where they can’t die, they could be there for a millennia and would still live. The outa realm is intensely hot and full of demons which reside there. Any individual sent there, will be subjected to internal pain and torment, the demons who live there are sadistic and would abuse the individuals who are not welcome there, so if they ever make it back to the real world, by the time they do they would indefinitely be a drooling mess on the floor after such torment.

Orgin Of Power: In 1943 Malvolio’s family immigrated to the united states to look for a better life. His father joined the army to help fight off the german’s and his mother had to prostitute herself for money to get them by. He and his sister went to a local high school. Malyolios sister Adreana was a mute, and was bullied heavily by a local school gang for it. Malyolio would try and stick up for her and in turn would often get beat down. One day his sister had been bullied by a group of girls who through her bags in the boiler room. She went in there only to be confronted by a group of football players, who also happened to bully her brother. The main bully approached her and grabbed her leg, he forced her down on the floor and attempted to rape her. Her brother while looking for his biology class went down in the boiler room to see the horrific seen, he ran up and attacked the boy over his sister and proceeded to knock him out. One of the other kids hit him over the head with a bar he had found on the floor. He was beaten for another 15 minuet’s before the leader gained consciousness and ordered the gang to kill him, after little hesitation they threw him down a a flight of stairs. He then used his rage to force his body up. in the process of being enraged he discovered a natural ability as he clawed for the air trying to balance he ripped a hole in thin air which sucked him into it. It is unknown what went on but when he came out the other side, he didn’t even look the same. His skin was scarred and burned all over. His skin was a dark red and his eyes were empty. As he stepped out from the dimension his back was trifled with crippling pain which he didn’t even flinch to. As he stood the starring coldly into the eyes of the gang, wings sprouted from his back and he let off a high pitched scream which burst the eardrums of the gang. As they turned to ran he clicked his fingers and they froze. He slowly floated infront of the gang. As they starred fearfully into his eyes he ripped them each apart, letting off an insane laugh.
Teacher: He was turned down by Xavias collage as Charles sensed evil and impurity in him. He was then discovered by magneto while he was forming his mutant army who taught him to control his anger, but shortly dismissed him as he discovered he was rebellious and had the strength to back himself up.
Personality: He is enticed with rage, and finds it near impossible to feel any other emotion than that. He has hate for most other mutants due to a feeling of rejection; he tends to spend most of his time in outer realms where time doesn’t apply. For example he could be out there for years but it would only be minuets on earth, and vice versa depending on where abouts in the realm he is.

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