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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by katie_girl09 View Post
^True. But they always do that, unfortunately. Whenever an X-man other than Wolverine gets a solo, there is almost no promotion or hype involved. And then smug Wolverine fans will be like "[X] is no Wolverine." Yeah well, they could be if they were given a fair shake.

Especially Gambit. The guy is one of the few X-men that I can think of who has a genuinely interesting life outside of the X-men. He is a high-end professional thief, for crying out loud. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why he shouldn't be able to carry a title.
I dunno, X-23 had a couple of minis leading up to her series, was appearing in X-Force and had a decent role in the Second Coming event. Same goes for Cable's which was the outcome of an event.

But talking about Gambit, so far during AVX he has been getting his ass kicked, and seems to be pretty much expendable. Plus he hasn't really had much of a role in Legacy or Astonishing recently, which is why i think that it's last minute.

But yeah i think Marvel know that out off all the X-Men outside of Wolverine, Gambit is one of the few that has the best shot/fanbase to have a decent solo, but it's dissapointing to see not much promotion outside a couple of ads.

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