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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Midnyte_Sun View Post
It's a damn shame with all these great hero-based action movies that are coming out, Sony spent their entire budget on Spiderman and left this franchise to the wind. If they don't want to respect it, give it back.
Budget had nothing to do with this being such a ****** film. The fact that the blew the final scene 40 minutes into the film killed anything else it did. There was no way to follow that up, and they proved that. It was piss poor storytelling and as backwards direction.

And calling the acting sub par would be praising it.

The few things I did like, GR's look, some of the action scenes, even how he just stared people down until they spontaneously combusted (that was legitimately freaky), but it was nowhere near enough to save this piece of ****.

Honestly, I don't care if I ever see a new Ghost Rider movie again. This just ruined it all for me. On the level of The Bloody Ape and Rubber. I'd rather watch Necromantik 2 than sit through this again.

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