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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by eddy View Post
I don't know why everyone says the theme isn't iconic. Its still stuck in my head. The rest of the score isn't great but the main theme just screams SUPERHERO.
Just b/c the theme is stuck in your head doesn't mean it's "iconic". You're right about the main theme though screaming SUPERHERO. It's screams typical superhero theme and typical heroic Silvestri theme, imo. It's basically a variation of his GI Joe theme, his A-team theme, and Judge Dredd theme. It was nothing special. What makes Williams' Superman score, Elfman's Batman scores and Spider-man scores great , imo, isn't because the main themes stay in my head but b/c the whole score is great . It leaves a strong impression and captures the heart of the films and characters. Not just the theme like The Avengers score is to you. Going off your opinion it's fine if the score is mostly filler (unnecessary fat) as long as the theme is hummable. It must be sad to buy a 76 minute album containing 18 tracks just for 5-10 min or 2 - 3 tracks just hear the theme. Or download the album for 2 or 3 tracks out of 18 tracks just to hear the theme.

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
While I originally wanted Giacchino to score The Avengers, I was very satisfied with what Silvestri gave us. I'm sure Giacchino would have given us something similar.
I'm happy that you enjoyed what Silvestri composed. That's good that he pleased somebody. To me Silvestri just wrote something that's not much different from his GI Joe and A-team scores. He didn't even try to make it sound unique from any of his action scores (especially his current ones). I don't want to hear GI Joe or A-team when listening to The Avengers. Seriously if you switch the themes around from those movies it wouldn't make any difference, imo. Oh and I doubt Giacchino would've wrote something like Silvestri wrote for The Avengers score or theme. If you mean something as good as what Silvestri wrote (which was nothing special to me) well we'll never know. But I doubt it.

Btw I don't hate the score. Eventhough it's a letdown to me it had some pretty good moments. I think the main reason I can enjoy the score b/c of how familiar I am with the movie itself. The movie had a lot of great and memorable moments in it. The score didn't have much to do with that though. And he really didn't get out of his comfort zone for this one. If he did the score could've been much more than what he gave us. He wanted to stay in familiar territory and kept in the vein of his current action scores which aren't that great, imo. It's always nice when a composer tries new things (he sort of did with the first minute of "A Promise" which takes place at the end of the film) Yeah it's servicable in the film but a huge missed opportunity. It's basically leftovers of Tomb Raider 2, GI Joe:ROC, and A-team. In the end that's why it's a letdown to me. Also Silvestri needs a break from action movies for a while, imo.

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