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Originally Posted by roach View Post
They don't need to go after a big name. As of right now the Marvel tag will put butts in seats. Look how excited people got when the rumor broke that he was the next movie. Its a superhero attached to Avengers. They would have to screw it up not to make money off this.
Though I agree with you they don't need a bigger name than Mackie-who has been garnering buzz for a couple years now, especially after The Hurt Locker, so it isn't like he's a nobody, I'm not sure that the Marvel tag alone would guarantee butts in seats for a project like Black Panther.

I could see Marvel hedging their bets quite a bit. I could see them going with a relatively unknown black actor for the Black Panther role but having a bigger white actor/actress for the main villain. Also some Avengers cameos or mentions probably wouldn't hurt either. In a way, perhaps putting SHIELD (Fury and Black Widow and/or Hawkeye) in a Black Panther film would work to give it that Avengers crossover cred, while not having them overshadow Panther.

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