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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
If it's a prequel (regardless of continuity issues) then yes it had to be that way.

Even if Darwin and Angel Salvadore seemed like random choices to fans, they obviously weren't.

Darwin gave ethnic diversity and was a sacrificial character who drove the story forward (plus, he died in the comics as part of Xavier's team in Deadly Genesis).

Angel also added ethnic diversity and a flying mutant to battle with Banshee (and I recall at one point Vaughn had wanted this version of Angel in his version of X3).
Yeah I agree. Even Banshee was chosen because he could use Sonar. They all had reasons some way or another. Unfortunately they werent brought on for their characters. Rest of the cast did good. Was watching again and the Performances and arcs with Prof X and Magneto still impress me even after multiple viewings. Those guys just sell it man. Still have my problems with the third act X Men fights and not enough of the team. But hope to see that improved on.

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