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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

I know this is spidey casting but the thread over there doesn't seem to get much traffic so just wanted to share...

J. Jonah Jameson - Sam Elliot or Paul Gleason.
Norman Osborn/GG - Viggo Mortensen or Jason Isaacs
Doc Ock - Sam Neill
Vulture - John Lithgow
Scorpion - Woody Harrelson
Electro - Timothy Olyphant
Venom - Jensen Ackles
Carnage - Stephen Dorff
Rhino - Kevin Durand
Morbius - Michael Shanks

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Cat: I think in all probability, Wilma Flintstone is the most desirable woman who ever lived.
Lister: That's good, I thought I was goin' strange. What do you think of Betty?
Cat: Betty Rubble? Well, I would go with Betty...but I'd be thinkin' of Wilma.
Lister: This is stupid. Why are we talking about going to bed with Wilma Flintstone?
Cat: You're right. We're nuts. This is an insane conversation.
Lister: She'll never leave Fred and we know it.

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