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Default Re: PROMO Pics for X1,X2 & X3 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
thats what I thought recently too.

it would be like 4 x-men movies to date, being X5 the 2014 movie

could you imagine? 5 movies with the original cast? Gambit and Nightcrawler would have been included on X4 probably...

anyway, lets not think about that anymore, lol

this First class series has much potential too, although we need more time to make the team bigger and better, so we'll only have to wait more years for a big team like X3. It will be worthy
I don't think FOX would bring back Nightcrawler for X4.

I imagine they would have Gambit and Emma for X4, then Psylocke and Havok for X5.

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