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Default Re: Which Comic Book Movie in 2013 are you most looking forward too?

In this order

Iron Man 3
Thor 2
G.I. Joe Retaliation

Iron Man 3 for obvious reasons, Extremis and finally having Mandarin in the big screen. Thor 2, I'm curious to see more of Asgard. G.I. Joe, mainly because of the Rock and Bruce Willis, but the ninja action looks awesome.

The rest? Not all that interested. Superman, while I hope it succeeds, I don't have any interest, for one thing, Zach Snyder's directing this, and then General Zod's the main villain. I guess I'll just have to wait another 3-5 years to see him go up against someone like Brainiac. But at least it looks like Lex Luthor isn't in this.


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