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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
wait what....who....

Doc, it's pretty darn clear by this point that you don't actually read comics, do you? The words "beloved, admired and respected" have never even been used in the same sentence with Black Widow until you just did. Widow is known mainly in the comics as that ho that slept with every freakin' guy in the Marvel Universe and gave half of them syphilis.
Sad but true

Agreed...I wouldn't call Natasha Romanov a "beloved" character either. Ditto for T'Challa.
I think there is a risk with BP having a solo film just because he is a fairly unknown minority character. But that risk is greatly lessened if the story is handled well with the proper director and budget. BP's backstory is rich and full of potential. The setting of Wakanda itself makes for a powerful film visually. Throw in awesome tech and fighting sequences, etc., and it's ON.

Cameos from any of the Big 4 (Cap, Iron Man, Hulk or Thor) would be essential. And of course the obligatory inclusion of Nick Fury.

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