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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
^That's not how it works. When you introduce a character as a supporting character, people want to see that character again: as a supporting character. When you introduce them as a main character, they want to know more about their story, and so Captain America is getting a sequel, and Black Widoher w is not getting a solo movie. She's a more beloved character, but she's a beloved supporting character. That's what you're getting if you make BP a supporting character -> No BP solo movie.
Well, you do have a point: I can't think of a single spin-off film featuring a supporting character that did well. There aren't a lot to pick from anyway, but Elektra and Catwoman were terrible. And despite their efforts, Fox's "Wolverine" series is tired as hell and floppy.
Somehow though, I think a spin-off film with BP would be more successful. There's an audience there that has not been really tapped into yet for Marvel and I think would definitely support it.

Of course, I'd die and go straight up if they made a solo Panther film: it's far overdue. But I won't be greatly disappointed or shocked if they roll him out with the next big Avengers sequel.

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