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Default Re: Anyone had a crush on Catwoman growing up?

Originally Posted by Two-Face Killer View Post
I will admit to a Catwoman crush. I was 9 years old when Batman 89 came out and that's when I started getting into Batman and his supporting cast. The 1960's show was on all the time and I developed a crush on Julie Newmar! A lot of times fashion and what is 'sexy' changes over time but still to this day I think Julie Newmar is smoking hot in that show. Same with Lee Meriwether in the movie.
Oh yes indeed, they were boyhood crushes of mine.

What do you think of Michelle Pfefier TFK?

And who else hated that ugly sinead O'Conner manly looking hooker version that Frank Miller gave us? i do, ever since i was in junior high when i bought that amazing graphic novel "Year One" i thought it killed it for me to see her nearly bald and not attractive.

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