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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

If you watch Person of Interest, its pretty much Batman without costumes. So why not do a Batman TV show with costumes?
Person of Interest:
Reese: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Finch: Alfred
Detective Carter: Commissioner Gordon
Detective Fusco: Bullock

On the show Reese walks right into a police station, right up to two cops talking, knocks out one and grabs the other in a hold, while dragging him outside he knocks a few more out. They have him doing very Batman type stuff on that show. And breaking the law to help people, like stealing evidence from a crime scene, breaking into a persons house, framing a bad guy for drugs over seas to get them locked away forever.

And apparently that show is by the writer of the Dark Knight.
There are a few fight scenes in the show trailer here that are a good example.

I just mean put that guy in a Batman costume, and tweak a few small things and it could be a Batman live action series. I think its very possible and should be done.

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