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Default Re: Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle Detective Comics era

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I'm ashamed to say that, for as long as I've been a Batman fan and been reading Batman comics, I've never read any of this run. The only Alan Grant story I can think of off-hand that I've read is The Scottish Connection with Frank Quitely. Are there any collected editions of this run?
Not really. The only collection I can think of is the Anarky trade which includes his two-part introduction from Detective and the Grant/Breyfogle Anarky mini.

Its a shame because for as many single-issue stories they put out, there were great (or at least very entertaining) multi-parters with 2 or 4 installments, perfect for TPBing (maybe not so much with the 2 issues arcs, but you get the idea).

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